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Volvo Trucks Have Great Brakes

Volvo Trucks

Somewhere out on a Russian road, a van turns onto a road just as a truck is coming it's way....

Ragtime Gals: Talk Dirty

Ragtime Gals, Talk Dirty

Jimmy, Kevin Spacey and their barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, sing Jason Derulo's hit song Tal...

Rollin' Safari - 'Meerkats'

Rollin Safari, Meerkats

Another common wildlife scene in the world of Rollin' Wild....

The Levitation Experiment

Levitation Experiment, Combine Magic

Rich Ferguson and Jack Vale combine magic and comedy to scare people during an illusion on the beach...

Maths Routine

Maths Routine, Maths at University

This comedian used to study maths at university, here's why he dropped out....

Boys Never Lose Hope

Boys Never Lose Hope, Boys Never Lose Hope Video

Boys at any age, they don't lose hope. Look how they do experiments in love....

USA in Two Minutes

USA in Two Minutes, USA in Two Minutes Video

Here's a compilation of videos that probably explain America quite well. (Don't take it too seriousl...

Baseball catche in Popcorn

Baseball catche in Popcorn, Baseball catche in Popcorn Video

This Baseball fan is real fan, he is watching it carefully and catches ball in popcorn bucket....

Incredibly Fast Pit Stop

Incredibly Fast Pit Stop, Incredibly Fast Pit Stop Video

Jenson Button's team does a pit stop in an incredible 2.4 seconds in Hockenheim, Germany....

What is spinning?

What is spinning, What is spinning Video

Look at this video and predict, what is going on? Actually there is a camera inside ring and ring is...

Neighbour Saves Kid Falling from Third Floor

Neighbour Saves Kid Falling from Third Floor, Neighbour Saves Kid Falling from Third Floor Video

Seven year old girl who squeezed out the window and stood on top of the air conditioner fell, but wa...

Dog Doing Exercise

Dog Doing Exercise, Dog Doing Exercise Video

This dog want good health, so it just follow the exercise routine with that guy....