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Epic Revenge Ghost Prank On Friend

Ghost Prank

Epic Revenge Ghost Prank On Friend. He has one ghost waiting out in the forest and another in the tr...

Scary Snowman on Jersey Shore

Scary Snowman on Jersey Shore, Scary Snowman on Jersey Shore Video

The scary snowman is back, in the middle of summer of course, scaring people hanging out near the be...

Strongest Girl In The World Prank

Strongest Girl In The World Prank, Strongest Girl In The World Prank Video

Little girl earned so many coin donations she needs help carrying them away. Little do these strange...

Time Stops Prank at Hospital

Time Stops Prank Video, Time Stops Prank at Hospital, Hospital Funny Video

What would you do, if suddenly time stops around your? Watch time stop prank at hospital....

Epic Ball Pump Prank

Epic Ball Pump Prank, Funny Prank Video

From the same people who did the 'shake weight in public' prank comes the 'pumping a ball in public'...

Scare Prank on Wife

Scare Prank on Wife, Funny Prank Video, Husband and Wife Prank Video

Husband saw a truck being towed and took the opportunity to scare his wife a little. On our way to t...

Girl and Broken Chair

Girl and Broken Chair Pranks, Girl and Broken Chair Video

What does someone's spine matter if the smallest flicker of a smile passes across my face fo...

Seagulls Laxatives Prank

Seagulls Laxatives Prank, Funny Prank Video

Some kids dosed the seagulls at the beach with laxatives... and then they waited. What a shitty situ...

Repeat After Me

Repeat After Me, Funny Pranks Video

So the idea is one guy must mimic the other and the joke will be revealed. It doesn't look silly to ...

Caught cheating with girl at shopping center

Girl at Shopping Center, Caught Cheating

For once it's actually the It's not what it looks like excuse is actually the truth. A really funny ...