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Turtles or Snakes - Which do Cars Hit More?

Turtles or Snakes - Which do Cars Hit More, Turtles or Snakes - Which do Cars Hit More Video

I read a long time ago that people will swerve more to hit turtles over snakes... as a firm believer...

Dance with Hands

Dance with Hands, Dance with Hands Video

This couple creates interesting music video with four hands and table....

History of Wooing Women

History of Wooing Women, History of Wooing Women Video

Men just don't romance ladies the way they used to... From 1955 to 2010, a collection of songs to wo...

Follow Me

Follow Me, Follow Me Video

Dog gathered friends and tell them to follow it. Leader is on bicycle and other joined them....

Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy

Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy, Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy Video

After finishing the book series the producers are making a teen comedy movie just in time for spring...

Don't use mobile in class room

Don't use mobile in class room, Don't use mobile in class room video

This teacher is crazy, Don't Mess With him! Or bring just cheapest mobile in that class....

Very Excited Olympic Worker

Very Excited Olympic Worker, Very Excited Olympic Worker Video

I think she was hired to get the crowds excited about the Olympics, instead we got some really dry h...

Use Bluetooth Carefully

Use Bluetooth Carefully, Use Bluetooth Carefully Video

Always use blue tooth with caution. Some people may think you are talking with them....

The Secret City of London

The Secret City of London, The Secret City of London Video, Sports Video

The City of London is not the city named London. It's nearly Olympics time, so here's a bit of histo...

SMS with Driving

SMS with Driving, SMS with Driving Video

Doing sms during driving is most dangerous. Here is the proof, there must be woman driver inside the...

People Are Awesome 2012

People Are Awesome 2012, People Are Awesome 2012 Video

People do all sorts of amazing things, these are just a few and they are indeed awesome....

Fastest Tyre Repairing

Fastest Tyre Repairing, Fastest Tyre Repairing Video

This technique is for fastest air filling in tubeless tire. Hot air produced by flame fills the tire...