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Deadpool Game I am completed

Deadpool Game I am completed, Video Game

Yeah guys! Wouldn't surprise us if he had a hand in this oneā€¦ SUCK IT WOLVERINE. Dead-pool is gett...

How Exercise Change you in 1 Year?

How Exercise Change you in 1 Year?, Transform Body

Watch how exercise can transform body to muscular one. This guys took one photo daily and made this ...

Don't Stay Indifferent

Don't Stay Indifferent, Don't stay indifferent to others

Oooh! This is so sweet... Don't stay indifferent to others. Kind people always drive Toyota or Mazda...

Make a Baby in 45 Sec

Make a Baby in 45 Sec, Stop Motion Video

This is not what you think at first. Stop motion video shows pregnancy progress and funny way to mak...

Very impressive Star Wars Call Me Maybe

Star Wars, Call Me Maybe

The Star Wars cast sings Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen! But is the Force strong with this one?...

Baby Vs Doggy

Baby Vs Doggy, Baby and Dog Race

One day, a baby and dog started racing. Can you guess who won the race?...

The Reality of Reality TV Editing

The Reality of Reality TV Editing, BBC show

An absolutely brilliant clip from his BBC show about how 'unreal' reality TV really is......

How to make man without Head?

Without Head, Man without Head

You might have seen this photo several times on internet. Here is the secrete behind this illusion....

These are soldiers

Soldiers Video, Russian Soldiers Video

It happens only in Russia, but looks good and very Impressive....