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Opossum Eats a Strawberry

Opossum Eats a Strawberry, Opossum Eats a Strawberry Video

Usually one of the ugliest creatures around is surprisingly cute here as he eats a strawberry. They ...

Little Girl in Roller Coaster

Little Girl in Roller Coaster, Little Girl in Roller Coaster Video

She is acting like in roller coaster and suddenly something happens. Watch what is that?...

Dog Carried Cat Home

Dog Carried Cat Home, Dog Carried Cat Home Video

Little dog does his best to get the cat home....

Scary Cat & Tennis Ball

Scary Cat, Tennis Ball, Cat Playing Tennis Ball

This little cat is very scared due to tennis ball. Video maker placed good movie like sound to creat...

Kitten attack on the camera

Kitten attack on the camera, kitten wants to play

The 10 week old kitten just wants to play! Here she's gearing up to pounce....

Intelligent Dog

Intelligent Dog, Intelligent Dog Video

This dog loves to eat owner's food and Pepsi. But he placed a cat to be wise in owner's eyes....

Squirrel Epic Dance in Zoo

Squirrel Epic Dance, Squirrel Dance in Zoo, Squirrel Dance Video

Squirrel is doing Epic Dance in the Zoo because some might want to see them whole. You know... Not s...

Ye Aaram Ka Mamla He

Ye Aaram Ka Mamla He, Cute Baby Video

This kid eaten big meal and now he wants to relax. He knows how to relax in this chair....

Miscalculated Jump Distance

Miscalculated Jump Distance, Kitten Jump Video

The kitten a little bit miscalculated the jump distance....

Cat Singing Music Video

Cat Singing Music Video, Music Video, hip-hop style music video

Cats perform in hip-hop style music video. Its really amazing mix and editing effects....

Dog gives kitty scooter ride

Australian Cattle Dog, Scooter Ride, Scooter Ride Ultimate Dog

Ruger is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog. It gives kitty scooter ride-Ultimate-Dog-Tease....

Japanese Dancing Girls

Japanese Dancing Girls, Robot Dance Video, Girl Robot Dance Video

Japanese Loves technology, Specially 'Robots'. Two chicks dance like robots and the music is just li...