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Baby Wombat Runs

Baby Wombat Runs, Baby Wombat Runs Video

It's a quick video, but it's so cute! Just keep hitting replay....

Its very Cold

Its very Cold, Its very Cold Video

This dog feels very cold in outside weather. It is doing just like human to create warm....

The Cutest Puppy Attack

The Cutest Puppy Attack, The Cutest Puppy Attack Video

Could you imagine a better start to your day than being attacked by 6 week old golden retrievers?...

No Yoga at Lunch Time

No Yoga at Lunch Time, No Yoga at Lunch Time Video

Yoga is healthy, but one should not perform at lunch or dinner time. The result may be different acc...

Puppy's Daring Escape

Puppy's Daring Escape, Puppy's Daring Escape Video, Funny Dog Video

Now you know why this dog wasn't asked to be part of Ocean's 11. Although it should be given credit ...

Cute Baby Girl Floating

Cute Baby Girl Floating, Cute Baby Girl Floating Video, Girl Floating Video

8 months old baby girl can also swim like adults. Watch how she is floating in swimming pool....

Cheetah Cub in Nursery

Cheetah Cub in Nursery, Cheetah Cub in Nursery Video

A three-week-old, female African cheetah cub, named Savanna is now on exhibit in the Cincinnati Zoo'...

Cute Girl in Mirror

Cute Girl in Mirror, Cute Girl in Mirror Video, Ghost Girl in the Mirror, Ghost Girl in the Mirror Video

Little girl is adjusting her earring in the mirror. Watch what happens next in few seconds....

Playful Goat Kid Also a Bit Rough

Playful Goat Kid Also a Bit Rough, Playful Goat Kid Also a Bit Rough Video

Buttermilk Sky is a five-week-old Nigerian dwarf goat kid. She loves jumping over other goats and sh...

Ducks Mission Impossible

Ducks Mission Impossible, Ducks Mission Impossible Video

This duck family is going some where. But winds don't want to allow them. Watch funny moments of cut...

The Lion King Rises

The Lion King Rises, The Lion King Rises Video, Animated Movie Video

Audio from The Dark Knight Rises is spliced with the greatest animated movie from the 90's, The Lion...

Otter Loves to Play with Kid

Otter Loves to Play with Kid, Otter Loves to Play with Kid Video

This Otter follows the boy as he runs around. Watch how both enjoys this moments....