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Fluffy Kitten Is Confused

Fluffy Kitten Is Confused, Cute Kitty Video

This super cute kitty will definitely bring a smile to your face. Just look into those eyes. Enjoy!...

Dance or Fight?

Funny Dance, Funny Fight

This College Girl don't like her competitor. See what happens on the stage?...

Ninja Dog Sneaks Up On Cat

Funny Dog Video, Funny Cat Video

Where to begin with this one. The dog—which looks like it is half cow—decides to take a lesson f...

Ultimate Talking Dog - Really?

Talking Dog Video, Ultimate Talking Dog Funny Video

Watch how this ultimate talking dog reacts? Its very funny video....

Wildebeest at the River

Wildebeest at the River, Animation Funny Video

A couple of wildebeest debate whether the thing in the river is a crocodile or a log when they cross...

Killer Cat

Killer Cat, Killer Cat Video, Funny Cat Video

This is just like Hollywood movies. The music and special effects is very good, but this is perfect ...

Special Back Seat Gift

Special Back Seat Gift, Valentines Day, Girl Gift

This girl gets a special back seat gift in the car for Valentines day. Which gift in the box watch t...