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Hungry Monkeys

Hungry Monkeys, Hungry Monkeys Video

These monkeys are very hungry and waiting for this man for food. It looks like they are friends....

Good Driver's Reaction

Good Driver's Reaction, Good Driver's Reaction Video

That was a close call. Dumb ass just sprints across a busy street without looking. Only an asshole c...

Cute Girls Can't Swing

Cute Girls Can't Swing, Cute Girls Can't Swing Video, Girl Swing Video

Two Swords can't stay in one cover. Watch why two girls should not swing in one hammock? Good view s...

Dog Sits on Little Kid's Head

Dog Sits on Little Kid's Head, Dog Sits on Little Kid's Head Video

Sometimes you just have to take a seat... even if it means sitting right on top of someone's head. T...

Funny Mandi Tod Baba (Recession Baba)

Funny Mandi Tod Baba, Recession Baba, Funny Short Film, Funny Recession Baba Video, Mandi Tod Baba Video, Funny Short Film Video

Mandi Tod Baba (Recession Baba) is a short funny film by the students of Mad Arts. It is a very funn...

Deadpool vs Comic-Con

Deadpool vs Comic-Con, satanic about comic con

Deadpool goes to Comic-Con International 2012. What's with the bible thumpers at comicon? what's 'sa...

Why they Call Hot Dog?

Why they Call Hot Dog?, Crazy Dog Jump

This dog is crazy and wants to jump in to fire. Hot dog word might be arrived from this event....

Worst Parking Ever

Worst Parking Ever, Worst Parking Ever Funny Video

The BMW driver presses the throttle instead of the brake and shoots up and over the bonnets of two o...

German Guys Celebrate Parking Job

German Guys Celebrate Parking Job, Celebrate Parking Job

Some drunk Germans cheer on and celebrate a woman parking her car. Apparently they were still happy ...

Cool ice-cream Art Show

Cool ice-cream Art Show, Cool ice-cream Art Show Video, ice-cream Art Show Video

This ice cream vendor knows very well how to attract customer to sell it with smile. Watch how custo...

Getting in a Tent Like a Boss

Getting in a Tent Like a Boss, Water Ski

This guy just wants to lay down in his tent after a good water ski....

Mentos and Coke Desi Rocket Fail

Mentos and Coke Desi Rocket Fail, Desi Rocket Fail Video

Adding Mentos to coke gives big explosion from the bottle. This guy tried to make rocket from coke b...