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How Santa Crashed a Plane?

How Santa Crashed a Plane, How Santa Crashed a Plane Video, Comedy Animation Video

Santa was riding a plane first time. He entered in cockpit and plane crashed. Watch the reason behin...

Actor Reads Yelp Review

Actor Reads Yelp Review, Actor Reads Yelp Review Video

A review of a restaurant posted on Yelp is read by actor Chris Kipiniak. I gotta say, his performanc...

No News Day

No News Day, No News Day Video, Funny Video

It's Not Possible, but just imagine, a day without news! Watch and enjoy this moments....

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Video

Jimmy Kimmels brings back some celebrities to watch them as they read mean tweets about themselves....

Santa in Crazy Love

Santa in Crazy Love, Santa in Crazy Love Video, Crazy Love Video

Santa's girlfriend is crazy in love. She demands some things, but Santa can't give that....

Improved Scene from Green Wing

Improved Scene from Green Wing, Improved Scene from Green Wing Video

From the British program 'Green Wing', this is a totally improvised scene that gets a little heated....

Your Office Behind Your boss'

Your Office Behind Your boss', Your Office Behind Your boss' video

This is another cool ad. It shows the difference between your and your boss' office....

Neo Hides from Lumbergh

Neo Hides from Lumbergh, Neo Hides from Lumbergh Video, Comedy Video

The Matrix and Office Space, meshed together to create a seamless scene... it's quite impressive rea...

Cute Baby

Cute Baby, Cute Baby Video, Cute Baby Funny Video

Very little cute baby is laughing on video. Watch this video carefully....

Terminator Woman

Terminator Woman, Terminator Woman Video

I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. The heck did you do to piss her off?...

Cowboy Monkey is Coming

Cowboy Monkey is Coming, Cowboy Monkey is Coming Video

Actually this is ad of Mexican food company. But this monkey is riding on a dog and very fast to ser...

One Step Away from Victory

One Step Away from Victory, One Step Away from Victory Video

That Girl One Step Away from Victory, she is Lol poor girl. But she did it....