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Today Show Slip-Up

Today Show

The hosts were in all sorts during this morning's BUZZ segment... after Deb Knight made a funny rema...

Tree Tsunami

Tree, Tree Tsunami

After a massive tree fell over, with it's roots exposed and all, it had to be cut down properly. One...

Walrus Smacks Girl's Butt

Walrus Smacks

Seems like the walrus enjoyed taking a picture with the girl!...

Chalk Warfare 3.0

Chalk Warfare

Drawing weapons with chalk? Chalk Warfare.. 3.0?...

An Idiot Dancing at Wedding

An Idiot Dancing at Wedding, An Idiot Dancing at Wedding Video

He must be drunk. He is in a rhythm that he didn't stop dancing even if 'Dulha' fell from horse....

The Headless Camel

The Headless Camel, The Headless Camel Video

A camel at a Miami zoo plays a trick on the visitors....

Crazy love for Car

Crazy love for Car, Crazy love for Car Video

This Couple are crazy in love with their car and fighting to drive first. Wonderful Ad made by Toyo...

Elephant Crashes Pool Party

Elephant Crashes Pool Party, Elephant Crashes Pool Party Video

I don't know where this is, but wow! It's not every day an elephant comes to drink out of your pool....

Clever Ants

Clever Ants, Clever Ants Video

Find out Reason, Why do ants travel in group? Actually this is commercial of public transport compan...

The Californians Dress Rehearsal Version

The Californians Dress Rehearsal Version, The Californians Dress Rehearsal Version Video

This is a dress rehearsal from Saturday Night Live. It's a skit about a Southern Californian soap an...

Crazy Girl as a Traffic Police

Crazy Girl as a Traffic Police, Crazy Girl as a Traffic Police Video

Traffic girl trying hard to do best at her duty, but she is confusing and looks like her first day. ...

Too Much Olympics

Too Much Olympics, Too Much Olympics Video

For those of you sick of the Olympics, even before they started, this might be for you. Perhaps a me...