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Fail Videos

Unhappy Gilmore

Unhappy Gilmore, Three guys tee off video

Three guys tee off, one ends up in a world of pain....

Landing failed

Landing Failed, Hard Training

Speed glider is not for amateur. You need hard training to land it, otherwise this would happen....

Jumping Over a Golf Cart

Jumping Over a Golf Cart, Golf Cart

He had this jump worked out perfectly, he even had people filming from more than one angle. It was g...

Rifle Shoot Fail

Rifle Shoot Fail, Rifle Shoot Fail Video

An Idiot should not try any rifle. Watch the result of such trial and learn lesson....

Woman Fell Out of a Crowded Van

Woman Fell Out of a Crowded Van, Van Driving

The woman fell out of a crowded van while driving. Fortunately, she received no injuries....

Model Catwalk Fail

Model Catwalk Fail, Model Catwalk Fail Video

This is not ordinary fashion show, it is at Cannes. But she can't walk properly on ramp....

Fail on the Lake

Fail on the Lake, Crazy Girl Fail Video

The crazy Girl want something else but what next watch in the video....

Wrong Jump Stunt

Wrong Jump Stunt, Guy Jump Video, Funny Jump Video

This guy thinks himself 'Hero'. He breaks his leg in jumping with wrong timing....

Drunk Tarzan in Russia

Drunk Tarzan, Dude Swing Fail

That Dude tries swing like Tarzan but he seriously fail....

Beware of Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing, Beware of Kite Surfing

This guy never thought about that would happen. His kite stuck in to air plane and watch what happen...

Girls Motorcycle Wheelie Fail

Girls Ride Motorcycle, Girls Motorcycle Fail

Girls tries to ride a motorcycle, but... What next? Watch in the video....

Italian bus driver with Mobile

Bus Driver, Italian Bus Drivers, Indian Bus Drivers

They are just like Indian drivers. He caught on video while driving and using cellphone at a time....