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Portuguese Navy Drone Launch Fail

Portuguese Navy, Drone Launch Fail

Portuguese Navy's drone fail during presentation....

Walking in Love

Walking in Love, Walking in Love Video

Its true that love makes you blind. Watch this video and check your self....

Exercise Ball Fail

Exercise Ball Fail, Exercise Ball Fail Video

Boys should never try such experiments. Jumping on exercise ball is dangerous....

It Very Sour

It Very Sour, It Very Sour Video

Little girl drinks lemon juice for first time and it is very sour....

Bowling Game Fail

Bowling Game Fail, Bowling Game Fail Video

Playing Bowling on Wii is risky. This boy broke TV and called mom after incident....

Jumping on Exercise Ball is Bad

Jumping on Exercise Ball is Bad, Jumping on Exercise Ball is Bad Video

This stupid guy tried to jump on exercise ball, but he failed....

Cat Falls Out of the Ceiling

Cat Falls Out of the Ceiling, Cat Falls Out of the Ceiling Video

During a presentation at UPEACE, Costa Rica a cat suddenly fell out of the ceiling....

Overloaded Driving

Overloaded Driving, Overloaded Driving Video

The car is having only 2 passengers capacity. Two idiots rides on overload car and it flipped....

Courageous cat scares bear up tree

Courageous cat scares bear up tree, Courageous cat scares bear up tree video

A huge bear has a stare down with a cuddly cat. The cat won't have it and runs the bear up into the ...

Real Mario Can't Jump

Real Mario Can't Jump, Real Mario Can't Jump Video

Stupid boy tried to jump like super Mario game, But he couldn't do that....

Car Slide Goes Wrong

Car Slide Goes Wrong, Car Slide Goes Wrong Video

And he didn't even drop his beer!...

Adventure Ride Fail

Adventure Ride Fail, Adventure Ride Fail Video

Crazy guys doing river crossing, but it failed when 69 style introduced....