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Over 100 People Jump Off A Bridge

Over 100 People Jump Off A Bridge, Over 100 People Jump Off A Bridge Video

Here Over 100 People Jump Off A Bridge Together. If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?...

Lucky man from Jeep

Lucky man from Jeep, Lucky man from Jeep Video, Man escape from jeep, Man escape from jeep Video

This man is very lucky as he escape from jeep that flips on mountain. Watch how he lands like a boss...

Bania 64 Inch Box Jump

Bania 64 Inch Box Jump, Bania 64 Inch Box Jump Video

Finally... took a few tries, but I finally got it... will still post the fail compilation. He Guy ma...

Underwater Explosion

Underwater Explosion, Underwater Explosion Video, Amazing Underwater Explosion, Dangerous Waves

Watch how it looks when quarry worker makes explosion under the water. It creates dangerous waves in...

Amazing 88 Women Formation Skydiving

Amazing 88 Women Formation Skydiving, Russian women's skydiving, Pearls of Russia

The Russian women's skydiving team pulled off a record breaking 88 person flower formation over Kolo...

Life of Cool Teacher

Life of Cool Teacher, Life of Cool Teacher Video

He is very uncommon teacher's life. Watch what he does before and after school....

Rubber Bands vs Watermelon in Slow Motion

Rubber Bands, Watermelon, Slow Motion Video

You have probably seen the video of some guys putting rubber bands around a watermelon until it expl...

Animated Head

Animated Head, Animated Head Amazing Video, Harry Potter

Have you wonder, how they makes 'Harry Potter' like movies? Computer animated face works in there....

Lucky Ass of the Day

Lucky Ass of the Day, Drive, Driving Test

If u don't have reflexes you're not fit to drive that's why u take driving test. so the instructor c...

Fearless Guys

Fearless Guys, Guy and girl trying to beat

You can try your fear on this place in Russia. Watch a guy and girl trying to beat fear of heights....

Amazing Shadow Hands

Amazing Shadow Hands, Shadow Hands Video

Amazing shadow hands... idk how they do it but it is awesome....

Magnetic Boy

Magnetic Boy, Magnetic Boy Video, Magnetic Power

This boy is having magnetic power. It can attract 10 kg of steel on his body. Only Science can answe...