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Ski Ballet - 1988 Olympic Games

Ski Ballet - 1988 Olympic Games, Ski Ballet - 1988 Olympic Games Video, Sports Video

Back in 1988, this was an Olympic sport and Herman Reitberger was the best. I just don't know why it...

Cool Goal by 13 Year Boy

Cool Goal by 13 Year Boy, Cool Goal by 13 Year Boy Video

That was regular football match at school. But 13 year boy played amazing goal and created trending ...

NASA: Experiments with Water

NASA Experiments Video, Experiments with Water Video, International Space Station Video

Experimenting with the physics of water in the weightless environment aboard the International Space...

Incredible Bike Stunts

Incredible Bike Stunts, Incredible Bike Stunts Video

He is Former Stunt Riding World Champion Chris Pfeiffer. He is just like you see in bike ads. You ca...

The Three Armed Ball Game

The Three Armed Ball Game, The Three Armed Ball Game Video

You've probably seen the betting game where you guess which cup the ball is in. Well, here's the woo...

Magical Ring

Magical Ring, Magical Ring Video

This is not ordinary ring. There is magic inside the ring. Watch your self about what is new in this...

iQuad Trick Kite Flying

iQuad Trick Kite Flying, iQuad Trick Kite Flying Video

iQuad performing at the Southern Oregon Kite Festival at Port of Brookings Harbor. The cords! The co...

Frying Pakode with Hands

Frying Pakode with Hands, Frying Pakode with Hands Video

This guy is from Gujarat. He can remove pakode from boiling oil with hands. Language is Gujarati, bu...

Man With the Stretchiest Skin

Man With the Stretchiest Skin, Man With the Stretchiest Skin Video, Wonder-ground's freak show

This is so gross. Gary Stretch claims he has the most stretchiest skin on earth. He shows off his ta...

Monkey Waiters In Restaurant

Monkey Waiters In Restaurant, Monkey Waiters In Restaurant Video

Would you eat at this restaurant? Money will bring the dish you want. May be it is just for publicit...

Workout Girls

Workout Girls, Workout Girls Video, Workout Girls Amazing Video

Very amazing workout by the girls. Watch and enjoy!...

Sling Shot of Basketball

Sling Shot of Basketball, Sling Shot of Basketball Video

It is home made arrangement and they got success in basketball shot from very far....